8 Negatives Of Having A 14 Month Age Gap

Along with the positives of having a small age gap, there are negatives.

Our children are not great sleepers, so we could be staring down the barrel of 3 YEARS terrible sleep!

Nappies, nappies, nappies! They’re everywhere! Some days I feel chained to that changing table. 2 children still in nappies is ALOT of nappies to change, some days, not everyday.

Once that next one starts crawling or bum shuffling around the house, sitting even for a few minutes is a luxury. You need to be EVERYWHERE.

They both can’t communicate and they both cry. 1 will be crying to communicate and the other tends to be crying in frustration.

For a couple of years your changing bag is jam packed full of bottles, snacks, drinks, toys and nappies. I constantly bump into people with my huge suitcase and it must feel like I’ve just rammed them with a bowling ball!

You have to spend out for a double buggy instead of reusing your original buggy. Double buggies are clunkers! I love using mine as a single but when it’s a double it’s a beast to push around.

A toddler won’t understand to be gentle with the baby, so leaving them alone in a room together won’t be possible for quite a few months. Be prepared for the occasional bop to the head the baby may get.

Going out with 2 so young takes a lot of preparation, a lot of patience and a lot of stuff!


4 thoughts on “8 Negatives Of Having A 14 Month Age Gap

  1. Oh I relate to each and every one of these, I have an 11 month age gap. I know! But I’m also with you on the positives, they definitely help… It will pay dividends as they get older, so everyone keeps telling me lol

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    • So you had ywo under 1! Hats off to you, im finding it hard with that extra few months between them. That’s what I keep getting told, although it’s a lot of chaos and tears to get there! When they’re older that years difference will seem like nothing and they’ll be playing together while we sip or martinis, right?

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      • Well number 2 came 2 months early otherwise there would have been 13 months between them. So baby 1 hadn’t learnt to walk so I was spared that – for the short term anyway. I think it’ll be a real test when they’re 1-2 or 2-3 both walking (running!) talking having tantrums but still need us to do everything! But you are quite right. Think of that holiday by the pool when they are off playing with each other and we sit and supervise with a piña colada!

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