My Favourite Apps

There are certain apps I use daily, many times a day and apps I use once or twice a week but couldn’t live without. A few of these apps may even become a big part of your life if they’re not already.


This app for us was sent from heaven! It’s a white noise app that can play for as long as you want it to without any limits. We used this with both of our children and still use it now for our daughter. The noise is so strong that if you put it by the door it muffles sounds from around the house. We also used it at any time either of them became restless, we popped on the white noise (heavy rain) in the room and they calmed down instantly. It plays different types of white noise plus lullabies. It’s such an easy app to use I would really recommend it to anyone!

Baby Day Book

I only discovered this app with my daughter but wish I had found it with my son. I’m sure I’m not the only parent that worries whether their baby is drinking enough milk and sleeping too little or much. Once I downloaded this I could really see the exact amount of milk she has drunk or the amount of time she had been breastfed, plus how much she had slept in a 24 hour period. It also shows you many of each of these have occurred. When I had convinced myself our baby just wasn’t drinking enough, it turns out she was! There are lots of other things you can input about your child too and you can add multiple children so its such a handy app to have.


D you and your children love music? We love music, so I pop on what we fancy listening to and use it while we eat, do housework or to have a dance with the kids. It’s also a great pick-me-up if you’re having a bad day or there is a toddler tantrum on the loose. (I use the free version)


Whenever we need to order something we ALWAYS order through this. It may only be a couple of pounds that you get back from your shop but that’s better in your pocket than anyone else’s. It also has a section that gives you cashback on certain things from just taking a picture of your receipt and uploading it sometimes the item ends up being FREE! It’s so easy to use for whatever you use it for, as a money saver I use this weekly.


My favourite shopping app! This app is solely for receipt uploads. It updates weekly and gives you new products that you can earn cashback on when you buy it. Sometimes with this app the items are also FREE. A little trick that I do is use the following app to compare prices of the item so I spend less and sometimes even get more cashback than I spend. You can only withdraw your earnings once you hit £5 but that’s really easy to achieve.

My Supermarket

Some people say 1 of the reasons I use this is strange so here is my ‘strange reason’ for using this, when I write a shopping list it’s hard to do it all in order of where things are in the store because we always add to it so, when I’m doing a shopping list I write it all down as normal then use this app which automatically organises your shopping into sections such as dairy, fruit and veg, household etc. So that just makes my shopping life a little bit easier. The main reason I use this app is to compare the prices of everything I buy so I know where is best to get our shopping or if its worth visiting 2 different supermarkets because of the amount we save. You can also set up price alerts on things you buy regularly like nappies, wipes, washing powder and it’ll let you know when the price has been reduced and where is cheapest to buy it from. It’s so useful as a parent to have to keep our shopping bill as low as possible.


This is the same as Shopitize and is a Quidco app. I like to use both apps to upload receipts and earn cashbacks on things I buy because they both have different things to earn cashback on. When you use Shopitize, Clicksnap AND Topcashback you have such a variety of things you can earn cashback on.

Baby Sleep Site

This app is great when your baby or toddler gets up at different times. It gives you a rough guideline to when there naps and bedtime should be, so if they get a bit grizzly around this time you know it might be nap time! It has other handy tips as well all to do with baby sleep. We don’t get much sleep with our 7 month old so I was always using the tips but I’ve just accepted it as it is now.

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