How To Keep Childrens Rooms Cool

Summer is great! We spend much more time outside enjoying the weather and visiting places we tend to avoid during the winter months. Also we save a ton on heating!

Summer has so many perks but the 1 downside is how hot it can make the bedrooms. For us it’s easy to adjust ourselves if we’re uncomfortable and our adult bodies are much better at coping with the heat than children. We have a house that gets hit by the sun ALL DAY so here is what we do to keep our childrens rooms as cool as possible.

PhotoGrid_1433858211581Having a blackout blind or curtains stops the heat from the sun entering the room, so keeping these closed during the day or during the time the sun hits that window is a must to keep the heat out. We don’t have blackout blinds or curtains (yet) so we use a GroBlind. The GroBlind goes in our daughters room through the night and morning as the sun will hit her room first thing, then we switch the GroBlind into our sons room in the early afternoon. The GroBlind is really handy to have as a family for when you stay overnight somewhere else. It has helped cut our daughters 5am wakings because it really does blacken the room and it can be adjusted to fit different sized windows. Even if you don’t have window coverings that is ‘blackout’ just keep the curtains and blinds closed to keep the heat from the sun from entering the room.

At night we keep all the upstairs windows locked on the latch and the vents open, this keeps the air flowing into the room without any safety issues of having a window left wide open. If you’re children are good sleepers then leaving the doors to their rooms slightly ajar also helps air flow through the rooms.

During the day when we’re home all the windows and interior doors are left open and curtains or blinds closed. This is brilliant when there is a breeze it really keeps the house cool and comfortable.

If you forget to do on this (like I do sometimes) just dress the children in very light clothing, just a top or even just underwear or a nappy, depending on how hot the room is. Then wait until they’re in a deep sleep, which usually takes an hour, sneak in their room and open their windows wide leaving their door open. If you’re worried about waking your children up, you don’t need to too much. We have extremely light sleepers and they’ve never woken up, it’s like a challenge. I tend to sneak into their rooms at around 10pm when we’re about to go to bed, it’s quieter and darker to help stop any waking.

Recently my sons room shot up to 27 degrees at night, I kept panicking waiting for the moment he drifted off to sleep so I could creep in and open his windows WIDE. I opened the doors and all the windows opposite his room so the breeze could flow through. It took about and hour but the temperature then slowly crept down to 22 degrees which was a much more reassuring number to see. My partner always says about kids in Egypt that sleep in the heat every night but as a mum I think we worry more right?

Kids are more robust than we make out but in the summer months just remember:

  • Keep curtains and blinds closed during the day (get blackout versions if you can)
  • Keep windows open during the day (or on the latch if you go out)
  • Keep interior doors open
  • Keep windows on the latch at night
  • Keep doors ajar at night of you can
  • Dress them in light clothing
  • Use summer bedding such as a 1.0 tog sleeping bag
  • Leaving a non drip beaker of water with children older than 1

If you’ve found anything that’s worked for your children too please comment!


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