Keeping Them Entertained On An Outing

Most of the time children, babies and toddlers enjoy going out as they’re able to see new things, hear new sounds. An outing is like an activity for them BUT as with all activities boredom eventually sets in.

Our now 7 month old daughter is happy being out in the pushchair but not for too long. After a while she wants to stretch her legs and carry on practising all her new skills, which just isn’t possible in the supermarket or in town (without getting stares).

PhotoGrid_1433876002224Our almost 2 toddler will only sit in the pushchair with force and persuasion. Usually if I’m not alone he will walk or ride on the pushchair base. He gets tired and bored of everything very quickly (apart from doors and brooms if he sees 1 we’re in trouble).

It’s just part of having 2 young children that they WILL get bored and may have a tantrum here and there. Which, as parents we want to avoid as much as possible, especially in public.

Our tricks to keeping them both entertained is BUBBLES this is a super cheap way to entertain them for quite a long time! It entertains us too! Bubbles are small which is perfect for your bag and really they can be used anywhere. Yes, we use them in the supermarket. Other people will look at the bubbles, as I would too, but we’ve never had any odd stares. This is also a great distraction for a toddler who wants to grab everything “oh look bubbles” and its taken his mind off whatever he was charging towards. If he picks up something desperate to take him “ooh look bubbles!” and he’s forgotten all about it! Our toddler has a problem with eating all the fruit when we go shopping, he’s very sneaky at getting it and then we have to buy a ton of fruit with 1 bite out of it so now it’s bubbles all the way! Our baby also loves bubbles so if she gets bored with her pushchair toys or the scenery it entertains her and stops and potential boredom tears.

Another thing we carry is crayons and mini colouring books. This is more for when you’re stuck in a meeting at the bank, in a long queue somewhere or going to a restaurant or café. We have given up on eating out for a while, the last time we went out I had no emergency entertainment, our toddler whinged the whole time until 10 minutes before we were about to leave, when he got on the table and started dancing. All toddlers love to scribble so this is another way for them to have something to do when you have something to do.

SNACKS when all else fails food usually works. I don’t like to ‘feed a tantrum’ but sometimes it’ll be the only thing to keep them calm, happy and occupied. My toddler does tend to have a mini tantrum when lunch and dinner is approaching, so if we’re out an hour before his dinner is due then we know it’s hunger and a small piece of fruit or biscuit is enough to refuel him. Food is also great for our baby who is being weaned, she doesn’t normally ‘eat’ it but loves to play and suck on the breadstick or fruit we’ve given her.

Keep these things with you like we do and see if it helps a trip somewhere go a bit smoother.

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4 thoughts on “Keeping Them Entertained On An Outing

  1. This is sooo true! I always have a little colouring pack in my bag for out and about. Another thing my son loves is flashcards he’s obsessed with spelling and reading. When your two year old gets the bug I would totally recommend the alphablocks reading programme, comes with loads of comics and flashcards. Xx


  2. You made me laugh with the Bubbles solution!! LOL I guess it is true as my girls also love them. What it works for me a lot is an ipad. My 10 months old loves watching Baby Einstein. I have 1 hr of it with just puppets which is the part that she adores the most. And my 5 years old can stay hrs watching YouTube videos or just playing games or drawing, etc. Also snacks always work pretty well. 😉 xx #TheList


  3. Snacks are still a huge part of an outting for us these days – I wouldn’t get around the supermarket without some sort of thing that takes a while to eat! He’s never been a massive fan of colouring in but he there’s a couple of books he could read for ages, there are still worth their weight in gold!!

    Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

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