Our Fun Family Day Out For Under £10

It didn’t quite all go to plan but it never does with 2 young children. We had such a fun day and here it is, all for under £10

What we had in our Picnic:

  • Ham and cucumber sandwiches
  • Rice cakes
  • Mini Cheddars
  • Grapes
  • Apples

We decided on Hastings for our day out, since our big move recently its made Hastings 1 of our fairly local beaches!PhotoGrid_1433686402069

My son and I get fairly carsick, him more than me and I forgot my emergency car sick box to help him! We got about 20 minutes from home and had to pull over for a quick sick stop but then carried on and enjoyed the drive. Mason is so into farm animals now, so driving through the countryside we kept pointing out all the cows, sheep and CARS he loves cars.

After another 20 minutes drive Mason and I just had to eat most of the picnic, we felt so ill that a bit of food and water settled our stomach. We only left daddy and Mia half a sandwich and the fruit, oops!

When we got to Hastings nearly half of our £10 budget went on parking! But it was in the perfect place and for enough hours so we couldn’t complain too much.

There’s SO much to do in Hastings that I can just see as the kids get older it’ll get much more expensive. I will always take bubbles everywhere it’s a great decoy ‘oh look, bubbles!’ works every time.

We went to the arcades and spent £2 on one of those machines trying to drop and grab a peppa pig toy. It grabbed the toy for half of the goes but dropped it just before the collection box. So annoying but they both enjoyed watching peppa toys flying round a machine. Then we spent another £1 on the 2p slot machines, it’s so addictive we spend ages winning and then just spending our winnings.

PhotoGrid_1433687170717Since Mason and I ate most of the lunch we just HAD to get some chips for daddy, so he enjoyed those while me and Mason went down to the sea. Mason loved chasing the waves until one touched his toes, then that was the end of it, it was a naughty wave!

We did so much more too that we didn’t even need to spend the money in the arcades so, we could have gotten away with just paying for parking (and the chips for daddy).

We all had so much fun, so much that me and the kids fell asleep on the way home. We’re all in the garden now enjoying the rest of this lovely day. We could have spent much longer for our day out but we timed it so that both children could have a short nap on the way home, I just joined them.

Everything Mummy
Everything Mummy

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