A Day In The Life Of Bella The Cat

“I can hear them upstairs that must mean I’m about to be fed!”

“here’s the man, what packet am I having this morning? oh fish yummy! I better rub myself all around his legs to say thank you”

“that was so tasty I licked the bowl clean. I’m gonna run upstairs now and wear out the woman’s back with my paws and purr so loud so she knows I’m happy. She’s happy to see me so I better get close to her face I bet she wants to know what I had for breakfast!”

“what’s that noise? the tiny person has woken up! I like this one she smells nice”

“what’s that noise now? no! Its him! the bigger small person. It’s ok, I’m ok, he’s still in his cot. wait, where’s the woman going? she’s getting him out of the cot? HIDE! where? under the bed? YES! under the bed! phew! close call. time for a nap”PhotoGrid_1433707840529

“great nap. I can hear them down there. wait. what’s the woman just said? where’s Bella? don’t ask the small person where’s Bella! i’m under the bed HIDING. Here he comes, bouncing up the stairs. where’s Bella? stop encouraging him! He’s screaming, he’s running! He’s found me! it’s ok because I’m UNDER the bed. oh you can fit under the bed? who are you trying to touch small person? I don’t need this!”

“BRILLIANT IDEA! On top of the kitchen cabinets! Now I can watch everything and everyone and sleep without being ‘cuddled'”

“lunchtime! what are they having? TUNA! WOW! I’ve gotta get down for this! The small boy is strapped up so he can’t get me! How do I get some? MEOW? No that’s not working? Get under the woman’s feet? No, she seems annoyed. Lay in the hallway yowling? It’s working. The woman is stroking me. There’s the tuna there on the side! Wait, where is she taking me? what is she getting? The brush?! I don’t want to be brushed! That’s it! I can see the basket of ironing. I’m laying on it. The woman is angry again. What? She’s put tuna in my bowl? well I’m off the ironing! Oh now she lets the small boy out. Great.”

“another great nap. what’s that noise? the man is home. that means it’s time to be fed! I better run down to remind them. Meowing over and over will remind them. Maybe if I start ripping up the carpet too just to get their attention. It’s working. I smell it, I smell it! Oh yummy. Now they’ve all gone out that washing isn’t gonna sleep on itself!”

“my favourite time. No small people and the woman and man are stroking me. The man has a handful of DREAMIES. I’m gonna purr so loud and dig my claws into their laps so hard that they know I’m so happy!”

We love our cat Bella she was a rescue cat who joined our family before we had children. She’s had to adjust to a lot with the arrivals of two children and as they’re growing they’re becoming much more aware of her. Our son is obsessed with her and any animal, he loves to cuddle and stroke but unfortunately for Bella his ‘stroking’ is a bit too heavy handed. He gets so excited when he sees her that he bounds over to her squealing! He’s now learning to be gentle but Bella is staying well clear for now.

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