Easy Moneysaving Tips

Do a weekly meal planner!

For every day of the week decide what you are going to have for breakfast lunch and dinner even snacks! This can drastically cut down on your food bill because you are only buying what you need covering every meal. Once we started doing this after having our children we saved HUNDREDS. When the kids get older it’s also a fun way to include them into what everyone wants to eat that week.

Make a shopping list

I keep a notepad handy in the kitchen so when any of us notice we are low on something we just pop it onto the list, this is great so you’re less likely to run out of something. Making a shopping list and STICKING TO IT (which can be hard) helps stop you from buying anything unnecessary and spending your money when you could be saving it. Use your meal planner to determine the groceries you need for the week, along with anything you run out of.

It’s on offer but is it really? and do you need it?

Supermarkets are known for doubling the price of something then halving it just so they are able to say it’s ‘half price’ we all get caught up in these ‘deals’. The best thing you can do here is research what other stores are charging for the same product that way you know if it IS a deal or if it’s cheaper elsewhere. I use an app called ‘my supermarket’ to compare prices of EVERYTHING I buy. When you see a great offer it’s easy to impulse buy as your brain naturally thinks WOW I need this at this price, but do you really need it? Leave it until the end of your shop, that way you have plenty of time to reason with yourself.

Bulk buy things you use regularly

Things like nappies, wipes, soap, washing powder etc. When they’re on offer get as much as you can. The amount you pay for your bulk buys will pay off in the long run and will also save you tripping out more regularly to get these things. This also goes for bulk packs, buying a large box of wipes not only lasts you longer but also works out cheaper than buying individual packs. If you’re worried about storing all this (we sometimes use our loft) have a look on pinterest for some really clever and thrifty ways to create more storage.


Oh I do love a clearance especially when it’s FOOD. Every morning supermarkets reduce all of their food that has a use by date of that day. This food is still all perfectly edible and a lot you can freeze to use another day. The best time to get the clearance food is after 7pm, by this time they’ve reached the lowest price they will go (24 hour supermarkets reduce again at 9 or 10pm) some things like bread you can get for 5p!  When companies decide to re-brand their packaging then stores offer HUGE discounts on these products, so always keep an eye out for these must have deals.

Batch cook your meals

When planning your evening meal, as long as it doesn’t have yoghurt or other un-freezable ingredients, then double-up on the amount you cook. You can freeze half in a container and eat the other half that evening. Doing this for a week then means for another week you don’t have to buy anything for your evening meal, or even cook that week! It’s also so handy to have freezer portions in case you’re ever at a loose end.

Remember your vouchers

Check your newspapers, magazines and post for any vouchers you can use to take money off your food bill. If you shop online then scour the internet for any voucher codes you can use or any cashback you can receive from cashback sites.

Supermarket value range

Downgrading your brands can save so much money. I’ve had a look into the differences and ingredients wise there is only the slightest differences if any at all. A lot of the time the value range use a lot less salt and sugar which is a bonus!


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